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If creating a user-friendly and responsive website is one essential task, making it appear in the Search Engine Results Page is another. 90% of the website traffic comes from the search engines only. To be visible, first your site must be indexed on the search engines that you are seeking the traffic from. And indexing alone won’t rush the viewers to your page; it should be ranked high, as most of the searchers click only the sites that appear on the first page of SERPs. Seems like a strenuous effort right? Jayas Media can help you out!

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    About Jayas Media

    With our effective SEO services, you can be at the top of search. And remember, SEO is not just about ranking! Your customers might choose your competitors who actually ranked below you. Our expert team helps you build trust and long-term relationships with your customers using powerful SEO techniques. So, all you need to do is choose the best SEO company, Jayas Media and win these online competitions.

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    “Our Highly Responsive SEO Services Help Brands Get an Edge over Competitors Regarding Traffic and User Experience

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    Competitor research, selecting and implementing the right & relevant keywords to take your business to the next level.

    On-Page SEO

    On-page SEO, which we also call it as On-site SEO includes content optimization, URLs, Internal links, and Title tags. Though this is the traditional SEO technique, it still works best for site rankings. However, we should be careful with the smart Search Engines while performing On-page SEO tactics. Poor Content, Stuffed Keywords, Irrelevant Titles and Improper Linking might kick-off your site’s position from the SERPs. Let our SEO experts take care of all these and drive the leads to you!

    Off-Page SEO

    Off-Page SEO, it’s a completely behind-the-scenes scenario, which takes place outside of your website. It is well-known for link building but also includes content marketing, podcasts, reviews, social media and other activities that are done off the website. With the latest search algorithms, we provide the best Off-Page SEO service that improves your site’s authority, popularity, relevance and visibility across the web.

    Technical SEO

    Everything from your perfect site to perfect content goes waste if you mess up with this Technical SEO. After making up your website, once think from the side of search engines that crawls and indexes your pages. Even if they do the indexing part, you still need to take care of the technical optimization for better ranking of your site. We can help you with that Technical SEO, which includes responsive design, fast loading pages, unique content and more that makes it easy for Google or other search engines to access your site.

    eCommerce SEO

    Is SEO required for eCommerce portals? Yes, it becomes more powerful when used in e-Commerce. Your presence is important in the SERPs for your customers to visit. You can improve your online store visibility, traffic, brand awareness and sales with this eCommerce SEO. Though this is beneficial, optimizing poorly is more risky and disadvantageous. So, leave that burden to Jayas Media team and rest assured.

    Local SEO

    Might be surprising, but it’s true that local searches comprise a huge part in the SEO world. Search Engines consider different factors to rank your business in the local search results. This includes, GMB listings, location of the searcher, reviews, ratings, social media shares and more. Using the best Local SEO strategies, we can help your local business get in front of your local searches.

    National SEO

    If appearing in local searches is difficult, you could imagine how it would be to stand out while operating nationwide business online. It’s a lot of effort to create strong national SEO strategies. Our team of highly skilled SEO experts brings exceptional results that are worth every resource and effort. With Jayas Media, your business is set to be in the top of search engines nationwide.

    Let’s talk about Optimizing your Google Ranking

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    {We provide top-notch services for all types business categories}


    By employing the effective SEO strategy your services and products will indeed reach more target audiences.


    Be the talk of the town with our SEO tools. Our links, and reference sources will assist you in staying in the trend.


    By incorporating SEO into your digital marketing leads to the hike in PPC thereby, grabbing potential patients to your site.



    Our long-term strategy lets the search engines give your brand the highest priority whenever an individual searches your industry.


    Fitness and Nutrition

    Generate organic traffic to your niche with proper user experience so that your business will succeed in targeting the right audience.

    Legal/Law Firms

    Outrank your local competition and shine like the brightest star that you are by our improved credibility techniques.

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    Retail Industry

    Visibility attracts clientele. Thus, with our precise SEO analysis your physical store will get more customer leads from the enhanced foot traffic.


    Better search engine optimization means more traffic and conversions. Using search-friendly content stretches your presence for a wider market.

    Esteemed Clientele

    Here are some of our Esteemed Clients who have witnessed substantial growth in Lead Volumes, Sales and Overall Revenues, after associating with Us.

    We have served start ups, new and existing brands from across the world. Our clientele spans across India, USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia and Dubai.

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    Make Google Fall in Love with your Site.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    If you have any little doubts, as many others, we are ready to help you clarify. Following are few frequently asked questions by clients.

    And if you need further information, please do write to us, we are always happy to help you.

    A) Of course yes. Every business needs SEO to drive its traffic forward in a cost-effective manner. With right SEO tools and strategies you can get good web traffic.
    We do local SEO by concentrating on developing your local business listings with good reviews. Also we closely analyse your competitors.
    Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. search engines should recognize and give your site the highest visibility rank. And SEO works with that specific purpose of acquiring organic, cost-effective and natural traffic from search results for your sites.
    That is a tricky question whose answer mostly depends on many variables. However, for starters it takes at least 6 months to 1 year.
    We would say that your business needs both. A perfect balance between SEO and running PPC ad campaings will prove to bring good conversion rates for your business.
    Google’s Keyword Planner and SEMRush Pro, ahrefs are the best sources to give you the right keywords for your business.

    On-page SEO primarily focuses on all the elements that a reader or user can be able to see, like the page’s content, images, meta tags, etc. Whereas, technical SEO scrutinizes how Google ranks your site and indexes it.

    Integrating relevant keywords in your content is crucial. However, overstuffing them makes the whole point absurd. Proper research of trending keywords, and later including them in the content in accurate amount by maintaining consistency is equally necessary. And at which Jayas Media has been proven as a pro.

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